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About Our Blinds

We have designed as many versatile features into this blind as was reasonably feasible, making it adaptable to most hunting situations whether using firearm, bow or crossbow. Although the 5’x5′ size may sound small, it offers roomy space with overhead shelves for storage, while still being able to view out all windows with minimal movement.

The self storing full length bench is a great option especially when wanting to take children, as they can sit or lie on the bench and with their sometimes short attention span, the bench can easily be flipped over to provide a surface for games or coloring. With the insulation and carpet interior, it is not only warm but super quiet as well.

The bed, which is virtually unheard of in a blind, not only serves as a comfy place to catch a catnap during that all day sit, but allows you to sneak into your blind the night before, sleep the night away, and not chase game out on your way into the blind in the morning. The bed is on a 3″ incline from end to end and when not in use, quickly and quietly stores on the inside of the door.

The windows are triple sliding lucite panels that offer a full view, slide quietly, or can simply be removed. The fully adjustable visors, from full open to completely closed, are great not only for keeping the sun out of your eyes, but also to keep the outside light from reflecting off your face. The visors also work very well for keeping rain or snow from blowing into open windows or collecting on them, obscuring your view. The silhouette blocking panels work great to eliminate back lighting when properly placed. They fit into a groove behind the window panels, allow full movement from end to end or can be removed completely, again offering versatility.

The blind was also designed so that it can be assembled in place upon an elevated stand eliminating the need to raise blind and stand assembly together. We have built this blind with cost, weight, versatility and functionality in mind. We will always look for other methods or materials which can be improved on and welcome your suggestions or ideas. Order yours today and hunt in comfort.blind

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